Accessibility Assessment of Bus Rapid Transit Systems in México


In 2016, concerned about the situation of accessibility to urban public transport systems in Mexico, El Poder del Consumidor developed an assessment on the accessibility of the nine Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems operating in eight states throughout Mexico.

Executive Summary (in English, PDF 757 Kb)

Study objective

Identify the current conditions of the elements and adaptations that make BRT corridors accessible to the public in general but particularly for persons with disabilities or limited mobility, through the review and evaluation of elements for platform-level boarding, safe and aesthetic pedestrian access, good passenger information in both visual and audible formats, stations and vehicles with adaptations for accessibility, capacity for providing service to users at peak times of demand, and easy connectivity with public spaces and other forms of transport.

Study abstract

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems by nature and when well-implemented are a prime option for providing public transport services with greater levels of accessibility to the general public and especially to persons with disabilities or limited mobility. This assessment demonstrates the current conditions of accessibility features on 16 existing corridors of nine BRT systems operating in eight states of Mexico.The corridors were studied and ranked based on quantitative and qualitative information compiled at 747 access points of 573 BRT stations on five domains of accessibility: interior features of the station; connectivity of the station to public space; operational features relative to service; interior features of vehicles; and connections for intermodal transfer facilities. Study findings indicate that no BRT system in Mexico is fully accessible. Study authors call upon competent authorities to: address omissions and risks quickly and appropriately; create a regulatory framework to procure future accessible design for future BRT systems; activate public participation through focus groups and expert advisory committees; and condition access to federal funding on the inclusion of accessibility standards and establish accessibility standards for BRT systems.

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